Develop contact & frame through a whole body connection.

Have you ever felt personally victimised by the contact?

Complicated? Confusing? Not in Your Skill Set?

What you would give to have it not feel like that…

Inside this Masterclass you'll learn:

 💫 the difference between contact, frame & connection.

💫 why it's important to develop a whole body connection [& what that looks like].

💫 different frames at different stages & how to identify the best frame for your horse right now.

💫 self carriage: what it is & how to achieve it.

💫 what a good connection feels like.

💫 the aids.

💫 exercises to improve the connection.

Everything you need to know about contact, frame & connection [because those are 3 different things] all together in one life changing masterclass.

Because contrary to popular belief, the contact isn't just about having your horses head in a pretty frame.

& if you're riding your horse with that thought in the forefront of your mind, then you're never going to achieve true connection.

You're also probably struggling with things like keeping the frame consistently & your horse falling on the forehand...

I want to teach you how to train your horse to work willingly, uphill into the contact - with simple tools to regain the connection when you lose it.

The contact is a journey. Once you know all the steps, the path becomes clear.

This Masterclass is taking away the confusion around the connection.

After this Masterclass you'll have a real understanding of what to look for & how it should feel - which lets be honest, is the hardest part.

Whether you’re having an actual “problem” with the contact or you just want to keep improving your horses connection.
Joining this Masterclass doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’re stuck or not a good rider.
It means you’re on a path to becoming the best rider for your horse that you can be in pursuit of your goals.

If you're ready to dive into all things contact, frame & connection - this is the best place to start.

CONNECTION is the third of the six Masterclasses in Beth's Foundational Series. For more information on that click here.

This introductory pricing only lasts until the Masterclass goes live -  then CONNECTION will be going up to $99 AUD.

CONNECTION is happening live on Sunday July 2 at 10am AEST. 

If you can't make it live or want to watch it again, you will also get lifetime access to the recording!

$99.00 AUD

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The content of this workshop must not be duplicated or shown to anyone who did not purchase MONUMENTAL

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The attendee understands that activities involving horses may result in injury or death to horse and / or human. Beth Carter and BC Performance Horses takes no responsibility for any injury or death of attendees.

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