Build Your Responsive Horse

What would it mean to you to be able to get the response you want off a light aid, everytime?

To no longer end your rides frustrated & exhausted because "my horse just isn't listening to me".

To feel confident in your aids & know what reactions are fair to expect from your horse so you can stop thinking "I'm the problem, it's me".

You can have the effortless ease we all dream of.

Because contrary to what you may believe, responsive horses are created.

While yes, some horses are naturally more reactive to the rider's aids, every horse that has good responses has been trained to have good responses.

I personally have trained horses from:

Being labelled “lazy” with barely any response to the forwards aids → willingly giving specific forwards responses off a small aid.

Ignoring any sort of “slow down” or “stop” aid → doing canter halt transitions off my seat only.

Rearing vertical when asked to bend in the half pass → maintaining the elements of the training scale while riding a GP angle half pass.

Your horse is not "lazy", "stubborn", "bitchy", "doesn't stop", "doesn't bend" or whatever else you have settled into labelling them.

When your horse isn't giving you the reaction you want - it's because something is holding them back.

Usually, it's as simple as you're not making it clear to your horse what you want from them or why they should give it to you.

I'm showing you how you can make it easy for your horse to offer you good responses inside my Build Your Responsive Horse Masterclass...

Inside this Masterclass you'll learn:

  • What does a good response look like & how you are capable of training for them.
  • The 6 components behind responsivenes - Consistency, Consequence,Timing, Repetition, Praise & Correct and Effective Aids.
  • A deep dive into correct aids with foolproof explanations on how to position each part of your body & how your position effects your horse [with video examples].
  • Exercises to improve your horses responsiveness. 

Lets be real. Dressage at its finest is basically just training your horse to respond effortlessly to increasingly more difficult aids.

 If you can train your horse to give you good reactions off small aids, then everything else becomes easy.'
Which is what makes it the perfect second chapter of my Foundational Series.

After Build Your Responsive Horse you are going to:

⚡trust yourself in knowing that the aids you put on are correct.

⚡ have a plan on what to do when your horse doesn't give you the response you wanted that is effective in getting that response.

⚡ know exactly how much to expect from your horses reactions, based on your horse specifically.

⚡ have a "praise plan" in place so you can make it clear for your horse when they give you the reaction you want - so they can keep giving you the reaction you want.

Whether you’re having an actual “problem” with your horse or you just want to keep improving the quality.
Joining this Masterclass doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’re stuck or not a good rider.
It means you’re on a path to becoming the best rider for your horse that you can be in pursuit of your goals.

If you're ready to dip your toes into foundational training, see how it all fits together & start implementing the foundations into your riding - this is the best place to start.

Build Your Responsive Horse is the second of the 6 Masterclasses in Beth's Foundational Series. For more information on that click here.

Build Your Responsive Horse is happening live on Tuesday May 2 at 6.30pm AEST. 

If you can't make it live or want to watch it again, you will also get lifetime access to the recording.

$99.00 AUD

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