Discover the 6 wonders of the Dressage Training Pyramid in this 90 minute Masterclass with Beth Carter.

Inside this Masterclass you'll learn:

  • The 6 elements of the pyramid & how they connect.

  • How to determine where your horse is on the pyramid. What are their strengths & weaknesses - how are these affecting your rides?

  • Creating a training plan that strengthens & builds your horse confidence in the things that they need to give you their all & progress consistently.

  • Exercises to help you improve your horse at every stage, that you can take straight into the arena.

If you’re going to join one online program ever - this is the one to join.

When you join MONUMENTAL, you're getting:

  • Understanding of the Dressage Training Pyramid so you can implement it in your riding.
  • 90 minute training video.
  • The Dressage Training Pyramid Poster.
  •  Video examples & diagrams.
  • Lifetime access to the Masterclass.
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MONUMENTAL is the first of the 6 Masterclasses in Beth's Foundational Series. For more information on that click here.

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Take it from your peers.

The pyramid put so much into perspective! I got on & thought about the rhythm - then once that was consistent, I worked on the relaxation cues, then the connection just fell into place! I was trying to push connection then relaxation & it was just impossible. It's so low on the pyramid and only a small thing, but it's really changed the way I ride - paving the road out in front of me. I can already ask for more of other aspects [lateral work / bending etc.]. Just establishing those first 3 steps is making him more supple & balanced already - it's only been 2 weeks?!

This Masterclass is worth the value of more than 4 lessons! I'm taking in the information & can interpret it in my own way. It's so much easier for me to learn this way!

I'm seeing so many changes in my riding since this Masterclass! The canter has improved out of sight - more uphill & consistent rhythm. He feels like you could just sit there & he would keep going which gives me time to focus on making little adjustments steering etc. When things aren't going right, I'm able to identify what's stopping it from working & fix it. It's all just going so much smoother! INVALUABLE.

This Masterclass has taught me that if an exercise seems too hard, how to break it down into small parts by going back to the pyramid so I can work in the smaller parts of the movement first. Like sometimes, something just isn't working & I go back to the pyramid and go "oh - more relaxation needed" or gather myself & assess all the things I'm doing - whether I'm sending the right messages with my aids. I just know I how to assess myself so much better, it's great! I had one of the best rides of my life yesterday!!!

Love love love this Beth! Your explanations are so easy to follow & put into practice. This series is guiding me to having a softer, more responsive horse. I really enjoyed it.

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