It's time to stop feeling out of sync with your horse and start training with understanding + confidence.


Contrary to popular belief it takes more than just getting on and riding to get the most out of your dressage horse.


It takes understanding their psychology and the ability to communicate with your horse effectively.


The good news is - you don't need to go to a million horsemanship clinics and have years of experience to gain this knowledge.


It's possible for you to completely reawaken your relationship with your horse and their training this month.


FROM THE GROUND UP is a self paced minicourse helping your build understanding + quality in your dressage horse from the ground.


I want to be clear, this is no "quick fix" program that's going to give you a few small wins then stop paying off. 


This course is going to completely change not only the way you train your horse, but your entire relationship.


In FROM THE GROUND UP you'll not only learn techniques I've established to successful train many types of horses, you'll learn about horse psychology, body language, responsiveness + correct aids so that you can build your own system that is sustainable for you and your horse.






You feel out of touch with your horse, especially on the ground. They have behaviours that you have either just accepted are part of their personality that you have to live with or that you just label as cute quirks when in fact you know deep down that this isn't how things are supposed to be.

"Handling my horse shouldn't make me so nervous."

"This is supposed to be fun, isn't it?!"

"God, I hope I don't wreck my horse..."

You've tried everything under the sun to make things work under saddle: calming suppliments, feed changes, physio / dentist / saddlefitter visits, lessons, professional training.

You make small inconsistent progress but nothing seems to help in the long term.

Despite all of this you still have this dream, despite the heartbreak of your rollercoaster journey of horse ownership, that just maybe you'll find a way to get through to your horse.

Deep down you know you're ready for more.

You're ready to train your horse in a way that is sustainable with understanding, confidence and clarity so that you can improve both the quality of their work and your relationship in a way that feels good for you and your horse.



You're an experienced rider but your horses ground manners leave something to be desired.

You've just been conditioned to accept that's how it is and do your best to ride them through it - Because groundwork is for cowboys anyway, right?!

Your horse needs more help in the collection to sit on their hindlegs more and improve the quality, introducing new movements can be stressful and going to competitions is a whole mission.

But you just keep pushing through because that's what you've been taught.'

But that doesn't feel good, you feel like there must be a way that's easier for you to help your horse learn to build the correct strength, confidence and quality to help them through this next step in their training.



I want to be clear that working with your horse is allowed to be simple, it's allowed to be enjoyable, it's allowed to feel good.


 And your relationship with your horse, or your horses behaviour doesn't need to be "troubled" to benefit from ground work.


This is what we're building together in FROM THE GROUND UP.




It's like you're surrounded by people who make life with horses look so effortless.

You make the usual excuses - you're not good enough, you're horse isn't as flashy or well mannered as that one over there, you don't have the money to through at fancy trainers + gear.

I bet you're telling yourself that's the reason why you're training isn't progressing as quickly as you think it should be.

Everyone keeps telling you to "ride them through it" but you don't even really know what that means! You don't want to lunge the c r a p out of your horse just so you can get on a horse that is stil tense, nervous and now exhausted or to have nothing to do but grin and bear it as your horse walks all over you because you don't know how to read their body language or communicate with them effectively.

What you want is a way to train your horse in a way that feels good so that you can feel confident.

Finding an effective, sustainable way of training means more to you than just convienience. It means that you can train your horse in a way that is actually enjoyable for both you and your horse because you're speaking the same language which builds mutual confidence, trust + respect as well as opening your horse up to work with more quality because through clear understanding + communication you give them the chance to understand and grow strength before moving forward.           

You believe that you and your horse are indeed capable of better, but that feels so out of reach for you right now. You've tried so many strategies but have so far failed to find "the one" to get you where you want to go.




There's nothing more frustrating and heartbreaking than when you put every single piece of yourself into a horse and you can't solve their problems.

In my career as a rider I've had horses that spook incessantly, bolt, rodeo buck, vertical rear: I've literally seen and survived it all both under saddle and on the ground.

From my experiences one of the biggest lessons I've learned over the years is that no matter how much hard work you put in, if you're not using the right strategy nothing is going to make much difference.

That's why I have spent years refining my groundwork skills by fencesitting horsemanship clinics and working with some of the top dressage riders in Germany + Australia to establish my understanding of horse psychology and to develop flexible in hand training techniques that I have been able to use to successfully train my own and my clients horses to have, not only impeccable ground manners, but increased confidence and quality under saddle.

This is what you're getting in FROM THE GROUND UP

The strategies that you're getting in this minicourse have taken me from feeling insecure + incompetent to feeling like I have the tools to work through anything with any horse and there's no reason they can't do the same for you.

If you won't do it for you, do it for your horse.


They deserve it.





You no longer stress about what’s next for you and your horse. You have a clear vision and you have the understanding + foundational work in place that you need to sustainably progress in your training.

Working with your horse is enjoyable and empowering for both of you because you share mutual confidence, trust + respect that continues to grow through clear communication. No more stress, no more confusion (for either of you).

The results you're getting with your horse make you say "OMG, I did that!!!" You're training is progressing consistently in a way that feels good and you're able take your horse out to have them feel the same as they do at home.

Your scores are higher than you ever believed they could be. You're getting comments on your horses relaxation, work ethic + quality from the judges and the people around you.

You’ve cut out the noise and dropped all the BS strategies out there. You finally have your own; frameworks, patterns and techniques that you've tailored to suit you and your horse

Because at the end of the day, no one else matters.




3 modules + 10 lessons with video examples teaching you how to correctly + effectively understand, communicate + implement groundwork with your dressage horse in a way that feels good for you both + improves quality.

You'll also be getting my 'horse learning type' worksheet, body language checklist + correct aids cheatsheet.


3 lessons deep diving into the elements behind groundwork, herd mentality + body language + horse psychology so you can learn to identify + interpret your horse's body language.



3 lessons getting into trainer mindset, building responsiveness in your horse + the importance of correct aids so that you can train your horse in a way that is fair, effective and enjoyable for both you + your horse.



4 lessons helping you learn how to implement correct leading, lunging, in hand and long reining patterns to help your horse feel safe + confident, work correctly to build the correct muscles + improve the quality of their work. All with video examples so you can see exactly how I do it.


  1. HORSE LEARNING TYPE WORKSHEET - like people, all horses have different personalities, this worksheet will help you to understand your horse better so you can communicate with them in a way that is effective for you both.
  2. BODY LANGUAGE CHECKLIST - Get to know what your horses body language actually means so that you can understand and communicate to them in their own language.
  3. CORRECT AIDS CHECKLIST - Every groundwork aid conveniently listed out for you with backup aids for when a small aid isn’t effective. You’ll also get a blank copy in case you have your own cues you want to add.

I didn’t just want this minicourse to be me showing you a few generic exercises you can use with your dressage horse on the ground. 


It’s important to me that I give you the tools you need to really understand your horse and how you want to train them so that you can either take my groundwork patterns that I have established to train many different types of horses or you can use what you learned in the theoretical lessons to piece together a groundwork routine that works for you and your horse.




  • 10 lessons [with video examples]
  • more than 3 downloads


What are you waiting for?




Deb says:

"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It was a good example you provided regarding being consistent and that every interaction with your horse is teaching them something "good or bad". I am now more mindful with them."

Jessica says:

"I like the structure the course is giving me to really work on improving and perfecting these things and improving our communication.

It's given me the goals and plan I need to stay focussed. Thankyou!"

Lauren says:

"My horse played with the contact causing him to get his tongue over the bit and buck me off when I pushed him forward of the leg. I just concentrated on lunging for a week and with every lunge he bacame more relaxed and less explosive. I got back on yesterday and he was soft and relaxed and willing to move into the contact.

We obviously have more improving to do but we are on the right track because of this course. Thankyou!"